The Embrace Journey

As a size 26 I tried to find activewear that not only fit but performed like all my friends who wore a size 10 could but I was constantly left defeated. Looking at websites where the models were a size 6 to size 12, I just couldn’t relate or even picture the items on my body. My curves, my folds, what made me... well me. I felt isolated and alone, I felt like I was the only person who couldn’t find quality activewear to fit my body. What I have realized over the course of my six plus year journey is that I was never alone, women around the world felt my same pain and struggle.

I wanted to change this feeling for others and turn that emotion while shopping online from a negative experience to something that empowered and left them feeling supported and embraced. So Embrace Active was born! Not only an activewear brand but a community.

We can’t wait to take you on this journey with us, welcome to the #embracecrew

Simone Anderson - Founder

It’s not about the size you wear or the shape of your curves

It's about who you are. It’s about embracing where you are while creating the life you want to lead. We are more than activewear, we are here to motivate you, empower you, make you feel supported and connect you with a community of life chasers. 

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