Simple Five Minute Actions to Empower Yourself

Simple Five Minute Actions to Empower Yourself

What is empowerment to you?

Self-empowerment is the notion of taking control of your own life, setting goals, making positive choices - feeling confident in yourself, your light, your shadows and fully believing in yourself. It’s not necessarily something that you are taught, or something that is explained to you - many of the qualities are similar to confidence, but self-empowerment takes it that one step further. Below are 12 five-minute actions that you can do on a daily basis to empower yourself.

5 Minute Empowering Actions

1. Learn more

If you’re lacking confidence in your knowledge areas - the easiest thing is to learn more. Upskilling yourself empowers through an increased knowledge base and also the ability to learn new things. We are so fortunate that today we can access a plethora of learning material - five minutes a day of reading is an easy way to achieve this!

2. Speak with conviction

Have you ever noticed that when you feel anxious you may talk faster? Or when you’re so angry that your voice starts to shake? Consciously slowing down and enunciating your words offers you more control. Remove words like “just” as this minimises what you are wanting to do. Own your power and have strength in what you’re saying.

3. Acknowledge yourself

Take five minutes out of your day to sit quietly and reflect. Think about all the things it is that you do - these are all amazing things - not just the big things but small are equally as important. And while you think about these actions, take a minute to acknowledge the effort, the hard work, the dedication, the energy, the love you put into them.

4. Take care of yourself

What self care do you do for yourself each day? Self care isn’t a monthly trip to get your nails done; it’s a daily practise where you put yourself first and fill your cup. And doing so, is a way to affirm that you are worth the time you put into yourself. Doing this on a daily basis strengthens those connections in your mind that you are important and you are worthy.

5. Stay in your lane - comparison is the thief of joy

The world is essentially a field of infinite possibilities. We are all here for our own purpose, and on our own path, and truth be told - the only thing limiting your success and achievement is the perception you hold. They say comparison is the thief of joy - and it is 100% true. Comparing your start to someone else’s finish is not only disempowering, but doesn’t serve any purpose. Stay in your lane, focus on YOU and the progress you’re making!

6. Do nothing

We are existing in such a busy society that we are constantly on the go, constantly thinking, constantly future forecasting. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on our minds, which in turn can increase stress and overwhelm. Spend 5 minutes a day just doing nothing; just be.

Disconnect from others, move out of your head and reconnect to your body - what does it need? What is it telling you? Tuning in to yourself and knowing what exactly you need is an incredibly empowering act!

7. Ask ‘why is this happening FOR me” not TO me

When faced with a challenging situation it’s often default for our brain to jump to “why is this happening TO ME!?” feeling despair, and frustration and like the Universe is out to get you. See if you can flip this thought to “why is this happening FOR ME?” Flipping this thought allows you to focus on what you gain from the experience rather than what you lose, and you become more proactive rather than reactive.

8. Self compassion

It’s common to see the flaws in what we’ve done - what we should have done, or could have done, or what we didn’t quite do how we should have. Not only is this discouraging but it minimises the efforts you have put in. Reflecting on your actions, and noticing why and how you helped strengthens those connections in your mind which help to write serving beliefs about yourself.

9. Validate yourself

How often do you wait for external validation? For someone to comment on how awesome you look? Or for your partner to notice that you have done an amazing job cleaning the house? Instead of seeking external validation, have a go at validating yourself. As you do tasks, say to yourself (either out loud or in your mind) “I am awesome for ….” “I am honouring myself by….” Put the emphasis on your own validation rather than others!

10. Stand tall

Standing tall not only is a good habit, and good for your posture - but has non-physical effects too. Standing tall, shoulders back and head high gives us the feeling of being more confident. This sets the tone for how others experience you and the more you do it, the more your mind will associate this stance with empowerment.

11. Mirror work

Do you ever stand and look at yourself in the mirror? Like truly look at yourself? So often we rush past, do what we need to then keep moving. Take 5 minutes each day for a week, to spend time looking at yourself. Marvel at the beauty, notice your uniqueness. Take it a step further and say to yourself “I love… I am sorry for… I am grateful for…”

12. Say no more

This might sound contradictory - but say ‘no’ more often. When people ask things of you, listen to your body - is it giving you a full body yes? If it’s not, if it doesn’t feel right for you - say no. By saying no to other’s requests that don’t sit well, you’re saying yes to yourself - and that is extremely empowering!

13. Stop the critical self talk

What is your inner critic saying to you? Is it talking like it would to a best friend or to an enemy?

We have an abundance of thoughts every day - and the large majority of them are negative. We don’t even realise we are thinking them for much of the time! Grow an awareness of your self talk, and catch yourself when a critical thought pops up. Change it to something positive to begin training your mind to build you up!

Which of these actions do you think you could incorporate into your life? Which jump out at you as a full body “yes I need that in my life right now!” Remember, new habits take time to form and the easiest way to achieve this is in 5 minute daily building blocks. Start with one new action, 5 minutes a day and do that until it’s a habit. Then you can build in another 5 minute action. Before long, you’ll have a nourishing and empowering routine that serves you so well!

Author: Amy Most
Amy is a Mindset and Nourishment Coach as well as a Human Design Reader. She helps to flip self doubt and limiting mindset, through embracing human design, in order to help others live a more empowered life.

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