Connect Back to Your Body

Connect Back to Your Body

If you observe a child, you’ll notice that they live through intuitive nature. They instinctively understand the world, even though they are still learning the language. Children operate from a level of pure awareness and consciousness - they have no filter, they play, they imagine, they create. They are unconditioned and not tied to a particular identity or belief about themselves.

This is how we are designed to live - letting our body, our subconscious guide us. They know when to eat, and how much to eat. They know what movement feels good. They know how they see things and nothing tints their lens. They simply ‘be’.

Fast forward to adults: by the time you reach this stage, you will have had experiences in life which have started to shape you, for good or for bad. Your ego is formed (not in the egotistical sense of the word) - this is how you see yourself. It is the part of your mind that is starting to form beliefs about your identity, beliefs and habits, and aligning yourself with this as to who you truly are. Coupled with this, you are now likely working within a job which encourages you to always be ‘on’. Thinking, working, organizing, doing, explaining, justifying, collating information and data and resources. The very nature of this pattern means that we are, majority of the time, working from within our head.

On the flip side, we are born to work from our body. To listen to it, read it, follow it’s guidance.

There is a way to find a balance though - read on to find out!

Working from Your Head vs Your Body

If you’re working from the head (ego) it is likely that your thoughts, feelings, actions and decisions are coming from a place of fear. It is the thinking (and overthinking) that occurs in our mind, and can even present as physical feelings within our head and face (tight jaw, tense shoulders etc). The ego is driven to compete and worries about missing out (scarcity mindset).

It’s something we all experience at one point (or another).

However, when you’re working from your body (soul) you are in a state of flow. You have a knowing inside of you, which gently directs you (kind of like your intuition). The body seeks unity and oneness, so has an abundance mindset knowing that there is plenty of room for everyone.

It’s feminine, and led with love. This is the ultimate goal as when we are working from our body we are content, as is the world.

How to Connect Back to your Body

There are numerous benefits from being barefoot on papatuanuku, our Earth. Even 5 minutes barefoot on the Earth, is like an antioxidant for your organs. The electrical energy created from being in contact with the Earth charges up through your feet to balance and centre you.

Dance / Sing
Dancing and singing brings play and joy back into the forefront of our lives. It is a fantastic way to release stress, shift emotions and energy as well as raising your vibrations. When you tune in to the music, and the lyrics, and let yourself feel what is being conveyed you are truly returning to your body - in the moment and just being.

Body Scan
This is a classical meditation practice that you can do for yourself. The aim is to slowly bring your awareness to each individual part of your body - practicing mindfulness and connecting with the physical body. What is your body telling you? How does it feel? What does it need?

Blending the benefits of exercise, stretching and breathwork into one, yoga is a brilliant way to consciously bring yourself back to your body. If yoga isn’t for you, or you don’t have the time to do a full session, you could start with morning stretching to set an intention for your day, or stretching in the evening to decompress.

Feminine Energy
Our feminine energy is the QUEEN of being in your body. Feminine energy is our playful side, it is our flow. It is soft and gentle and embodies your true soul energy. Everyone has feminine energy - it is not just reserved for women. However, we live in a masculine world and so often our feminine energy gets pushed down. We focus on the organising and the doing, rather than the feeling and the being. Reconnect through dance, through intimacy, through kind words, through love.

We will forever be moving between our head and our body as our guiding force. This is totally normal and natural as we react and respond to the situations we are in. The key is to be able to recognise when we have been stuck in our head for too long. When the doing has overtaken the being. When the organisation has taken precedence over the fun. We strive for balance, and can do this by engaging in some of the actions listed above. Which would you try first?

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way offering medical advice or expertise. It is not directing you to change any current medical plans that you are currently undertaking. It is not a way to diagnose any medical related issues. This blog post is purely an opinion and experience based piece of writing.


Author: Amy Most

Amy is a Mindset and Nourishment Coach as well as a Human Design Reader. She helps to flip self doubt and limiting mindset, through embracing human design, in order to help others live a more empowered life.

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