Creating a 2021 Mindset

Creating a 2021 Mindset

If we are aspiring for something, if we are working towards a goal or around this time of year, if we are creating New Years resolutions, we believe it is a matter of mindset

Mindset being “the established set of attitudes held by someone.” What if we don’t yet have the ‘established’ set of attitudes? Can we expect to have the mindset we need to succeed on our chosen journey? 

What if instead we framed mindset as a deeply rooted thought system that creates aligned choices and actions. To have a mindset, we first need to create the thought system. We can think of it like this, if a tree grows from deep roots, embedded in the earth surrounded by fertile ground, it will grow strong, flourishing through all seasons. 

This is how we want to create our mindset, by planting our beliefs in fertile ground. Our thought systems are created by tending to and nurturing the thoughts that we want to see come to fruition. We chose the thoughts that lift us up and we no longer water the thoughts that disempower us. From thought, creates beliefs, feelings and actions. 

A mindset can then be seen as a series of thoughts that create our beliefs and inform our daily choices. Beliefs are thoughts that we accept as true, so choose the ones that make you feel good, choose the ones that uplift you, choose the ones that empower you and choose the ones that creates a mindset that supports you. 

An empowering mindset is then the collection of empowering thoughts that we choose to think and engage with. Here is how create a mindset:

  1. Choose your direction, aspiration, goal, resolution or intention - we will call this our journey.
  2. Review your thought processes, is this journey of your choosing? Or is influenced by those around you? What stories are you telling yourself about this journey? What stories support your journey? What stories are trying to lead you astray from your journey? 
  3. Review your beliefs, do you believe you can make the journey? Do you believe you are worthy of it? 
  4. Reflect on any blocks, what habits in your life are in conflict with this journey? What thoughts are on repeat that aren’t in service to this journey? What are you no longer available for so you can continue on this journey? How can you remove distractions?
  5. Reflect on how you want to feel, when you start this journey how do you want to feel? When you’re on this journey, how do you want to feel? When you reach your destination, how do you want to feel? 
  6. Actively make choices, what choices can you make that support your beliefs? What thoughts are you choosing? What series of choices can you show up for each day? What choices uplift and empower you?
  7. Use your choices to create habits, by continuing with this series of choices, you are creating habits. How can you tend to these habits? How can you continue to nurture these habits? 
  8. Allow your habits to evolve into a mindset, continue to choose your thoughts, to remove blocks, to focus on feeling, to actively make choices, to keep showing up to nurture your habits and allow this to create a mindset. 

The beautiful thing about creating a mindset is that you can do it at any time, with anything, at any point of your life. 


Author: Jess Crowhurst from J And The Light

Jess is a well-being and spirituality coach, diving into connection to self, aligned living and soul communication


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